What you eat can make or break your skin’s condition.

In this guide, you’ll discover 7 foods that you need to stop eating right now, if you’re worried about the state of your skin.

Lets dive in!


You’re probably aware that alcohol isn’t part of a healthy diet.

But did you know what it does to your skin.

The first problem that alcohol causes is hormone disruption that leads to acne. Second it weakens your immune system by destroying very important bacteria in your gut.

And the third problem which happens to be the most common is that alcohol dehydrate to your skin and makes it look and feel puffy.

If you don’t want to suffer from the negative effects of alcohol, try to set a limit.

Don’t drink before you leave the house and pace yourself. But it’s much better not to drink at all and find a different way to relax after a tough day at work.


You’re probably surprised to find out that this supposedly healthy food is actually harmful.

Rice cakes can cause wrinkles in your skin and they can even influence your brain function. You see, it’s really easy to overeat these tasty treats which can result in weight gain.

Another thing is that if you check the nutritional info on the packaging, you’ll see that rice cakes consist of a whole lot of nothing.

And even if you do try to find a healthy ingredient there will only be a tiny amount of it.

And one more problem with rice cakes is that they can cause blotches and acne.

But if you really enjoy rice cakes you should consider choosing ones that contain flaxseed and added sprouts.


This delicacy can lead to premature aging and causes acne.

Why? theses rolls contain a large amount of salt. And as you know salt is enemy number one when it comes to health.

Eating too much salt dehydrate your skin and sucks the radiance out of it.

And we all know that dull skin isn’t very attractive. Plus, salty foods cause your body to retain fluids and your skin cells are no different.

So, your face will look puffy if you don’t watch your salt consumption.

Another thing is that sushi got plenty of rice and rice is high on the glycemic index.

This means that rice can take away moisture and circulation from the epidermis causing dry skin and premature aging.

Did you know that if you accidentally drop your phone in some water putting it in a bowl of rice will save it?

The rice sucks the moisture out of the phone.

Well, the same thing happens to your skin. But if you really love your sushi you should drink more water and do facial exercises to help your body distribute the water evenly across your face.

Also, sleep at an incline so that the fluid won’t collect in your face.


If you enjoy plenty of dairy and struggle with acne this tidbit of info may be helpful.

First off, cow milk contains a growth hormone that stimulates your skin’s oil glands thus making your face extra oily.

As a result you become more prone to breakouts.

Besides that, there’s a lot of low quality milk out there. While milk is being processed it gets damaged due to ultra-pasteurization, evaporation, skimming and so on.

I don’t want to bore you with my new details of the dairy industry’s methods for processing milk.

But the thing is that all of this creates the perfect conditions for acne.

And the third fact that might surprise you is that more than 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant.

And this dairy intolerance can lead to the appearance of acne or eczema.

If you or someone you know has to live with eczema then you’re probably well aware of how serious a condition it is. So, anybody who wants to avoid that maybe think about making major changes to your diet.

If you really love milk and can’t imagine your life without it. You should switch to goat’s milk or if you don’t like that buy raw cow milk from a local farm where you can be sure that the cows are fed grass.

Also, opt for 2% milk because more fat means a higher glycemic index which as you already know causes dry skin.

Yes, low fat milk isn’t as tasty but you need to make a tough choice.

Do you want to have beautiful healthy skin or do you want to drink tasty milk?

You have to decide.


I’m sorry but the fact is most cereal products are garbage.

Even seemingly innocent cereals can be very harmful to your skin.

To start with, there are absolutely no natural ingredients there despite what the box says.

Some of the ingredients are genetically modified which can make your skin itchy cause allergic reactions and lead to acne breakouts.

Also, popular cereals often contain synthetic vitamins that our body can’t physically utilize. If you really feel like you can’t give up your cereal choose one that contains less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.

Pay attention to your portion size and eat only as much as the recommended serving size written on the box.

Also, pay attention to the ingredients list especially the first two to three items listed because there’s more of them than anything else on the list.

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