The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and it can reveal a lot about your lifestyle and the general condition of your health.

And if there’s something wrong with it it’s usually your menu that is to blame.

1. Premature Skin Aging

Premature skin aging is a really serious problem and it’s one that many people face.

If you’ve already tried everything and still haven’t found the cause, it’s probably your love for low calorie crackers and crispy bread.

Low calorie foods make the body’s blood sugar levels increase rapidly and this is very convenient at certain times.

However, over an extended period of time such sudden changes can lead to unpleasant consequences including premature skin aging. Your skin becomes dull and dry and your body settings get disrupted as a result your body stops.

It’s better to replace all this alternative low-fat food with REAL food. In reality, almost all diet foods are bad for the body as they only trick the brain into thinking they’re healthy.

So, stop all these cracker diets as soon as possible to normalize your body processes and skin condition.

2. The Skin Elasticity Is Going

According to a study conducted by specialists from the Department of Dermatology at the University of Munster Germany, sugar destroys collagen and elastic elements that are especially active in the fore-head area.

That’s because it has the lowest amount of skin fat.

Sweeteners have the same effect as sugar but fructose destroys collagen even more.

So, start including some salmon, seaweed, turkey and parsley into your diet.

They’re the best natural sources of collagen if you want to prevent for wrinkles headlines. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin at exfoliate regularly and most importantly wear sunscreen.

It’ll protect your skin from photo aging skin cancer and other severe problems.

Acne is hands down the most prevalent skin problem for people all over the world.

3. Acne Redness

Some people are lucky to find the main issue destroy it and clean their skin once and for all.

Others try everything but still suffer from this problem. If you’re in the second group paying closer attention to cows milk and all dairy products.

Cows milk contains hormones to help baby cows grow but people often have micro inflammation on their skin after drinking it. And this is not only true for lactose intolerant people.

These hormones can have a negative influence on anyone.

Multiple studies including one conducted by scientists from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston Massachusetts confirm that the hormones in cows milk conflict with human hormones and as a result lead to acne.

If you’ve ever had acne or any inflammation get checked for allergies but if you’re sure that you don’t have an allergy tried to reduce the amount of milk you consume.

You should also include more iodine rich foods like seafood and fish oil which will fight the inflammation process.

The best strategy to fight acne is to eradicate a food item from your diet for about a week to see how your skin condition changes.

In this case remove dairy products from your diet entirely for seven days to see how your skin reacts.

If it becomes much clearer than its milk, that’s the problem.

If not it’s something else you’re consuming daily that’s causing your skin to break out, eradicate the products you frequently eat one by one in this manner and you’ll find your main enemy and clear your skin.

4. Capillaries On The Nostrils And Eyelids

If you notice capillaries on your nostrils and eyelids, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Visible capillaries generally means that something bad is going on in your blood vessels.

Normalize your sleeping schedule take care of your stress levels, change diet and workout more to help your skin return to its former condition.

5. A Sense Of Dirty Skin

Nobody likes the feeling of dirty skin.

If this feeling recently became your daily companion, there’s definitely something wrong with your body.

Menu wise, it may be connected with the juices and smoothies you’re drinking. You see an essential nutrient called fiber is responsible for all the clearing processes in your body.

You can find fiber in fruit vegetables and berries.

But when you made juicer smoothies the fiber gets mashed and disappears completely.

And if your diet contains almost no fiber rich foods your body’s ability to clear itself reduces. To change this situation eat more beans, whole wheat bread and dry fruit.

They contain tons of the fiber that will do all the necessary work for you.